the mike davies column may 2017

jump the shark

Wolverhampton indie quartet JUMP THE SHARK return with new self-released four track EP Wake Up/Go To Sleep, the title cut a psychedelic swirl driven by an acoustic riff overlaid by choppy electric, drums and cosmic vocals. Pedestal’s a more direct indie rock number, again characterised by choppy riffs and psychrock harmonies, while Sooner Said is a throatier and more rugged bass bolstered track that brings drummer Tasha Jones’ ethereal vocals to the forefront. The final track, the mid-tempo Ozymandias, is another heady psychedelic number with shifting time signatures and rhythms that underscore their retro prog sensibilities.

Among the acts they’ve supported are THE PRIMITIVES who themselves return with a new maxi-single following on from 2014’s Spin-O-Rama comeback album. Aptly titled New Thrills (Elefant), it opens in typical driving Prims sherbety-pop style withI'll Trust The Wind and proceeds through the drums-bashing Squeak 'N' Squawk with its Mary Chain distortion echoes, and the sunny 60s summer of love pop of Oh Honey Sweet with Paul on those blurry lead vocals. Ending with the noisy garage surf psychedelics of Same Stuff, this is an exhilarating rush. 2020