record reviews december 2017


Permanent Honeymoon (Wooden Piano)


Executive produced by and featuring (on one track) Boo Hewerdine, the multi-instrumentalist Maidstone trio comprise singer and songsmith Lawrence O’ Shea, Gustaf Llunggren and Chris Pepper, the album, their second, a cocktail of sophisticated pop that bursts open with the ebullient power pop chug of Molly Ringwald. If that’s about teenage first crush then Time Thieves is more about waking up and realising that middle age is catching up, set to a marriage of Madness and McCartney while Work In Progress is classy mid-tempo 70s pop piano balladry and Sure Thing rhythmically draws on Kraftwerk motorik influences.

It’s grown up stuff musically, looking to craft lingering melodies rather than instant rush hooks, Mademoiselle, like the opener, fizzing with energy and rising a Cars rhythm, switching immediately to the fairground waltzer of Grey Dress and the lush Strawberry Fields feel of Get Back To The Sun. Ending with a brief instrumental glacial piano notes and woodwind of End of the Reel, it’s an album that asks you to take time and listen. It’ll be time well-spent. Mike Davies 2020